Special cutting: (shapes, letters, decorations , sculptures ) We use computer controlled machines that produce detailed cutting. Anywhere from flat objects to 3D.  All detailed orders vary in time. Objects cut can be used in trade shows, exhibits, and many other attractions.

EX: our machinery can create/sculpture a human body, 3d Signs, complete scenery (Aladdin). All detailed sculptures could be used in outdoor entertainment places such as museums, architectural, events and just about any place for attractions use.

Custom Cutting Materials
Moldings- which can be used in the interior of your homes EPS 1.0#
Interior and exterior custom foam accents EPS 1.5#
Columns- used outside of building’s, church’s EPS 2.0#
Crown and trim moldings Blueboard

Custom EPS Moldings

Bands Dentals Keystones
Bullnose Corbels Arches
Cornice Medallions Custom Packaging
Brackets Letters Custom Molds for Cast Stone
Columns Column Base & Cap
Coins Stars

Special projects

Our machines have the ability to create:

  • Structural designs
  • Concept designs
  • Maquette sculpting
  • Digital sculpting
  • 3D scanning
  • CNC machining
  • Foam carving and detailing
  • Mold making

3D Custom EPS Moldings

  • Rosettes
  • Figures
  • Custom Molds for Cast Stone
  • Columns
  • Column Cap & Base
  • Custom Packaging

Foam signs

Made out of EPS blocks.  Signs can be done three-dimensional which could attract much more attention rather than a flat shaped object.